Terms and conditions


The Terms and Conditions are intended to promote the education and welfare of each pupil, and the stability, planning and development of the school. These Terms and Conditions supersede those printed previously. Nothing in this document affects the statutory rights of parents.


Unless the context otherwise requires:

Parents’ means the individuals who have accepted a place at Trevor-Roberts’ school or any individual who has accepted responsibility for a child’s attendance at the school, including those who have ‘legal/parental responsibility’ for the child.

The School’, ‘We’, ‘Us’ means Trevor-Roberts’ school (Senior and/or Junior departments) as now or in the future constituted.

The Head’ is responsible for the day to day running of the school. This term refers to the Junior and /or Senior department Heads and includes those to whom any duties of the Head have been delegated.

The Pupil’, ‘Child’ is the boy or girl named on the offer/acceptance letter.

Fees’ means school fees, school uniform fees, examination fees or school trip fees.

Entry and Admissions: Although there is no formal registration form, parents can declare their interest in a place at the school anytime after the birth of their child.

  • Prospective parents put their name down on a waiting list for an individual tour of the school. Tours are limited and assigned on a first come first served basis.
  • Continued interest in a place must be confirmed in writing and the name of the child is then added to a provisional waiting list.
  • Children are invited to meet the Head and places are offered on the basis of this interview, assessment and availability.
  • Once letters offering places are issued, acceptance must be received in writing from the parents. A letter of acceptance represents a firm commitment to the school.
  • By taking up a place at Trevor-Roberts’ the parents/guardians accept the conditions outlined here.

Equal Treatment

The school welcomes staff and pupils from different ethnic groups, creeds and backgrounds. We will do all that is reasonable to ensure that the schools culture, policy and procedures are accessible to all individuals. We will make reasonable adjustments under the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 to accommodate the needs of visitors, parents, children and members of staff who have disabilities.

Pupil Care

Trevor-Roberts’ School is committed to a high standard of teaching and care. We will do all that is reasonable to safeguard and promote the children’s welfare. Parents are expected to give their support and encouragement to these aims.


Parents must immediately inform the school if the child has a known medical condition, health problem or has been in contact with infectious diseases. The pupil must not be sent to school if unfit to attend.


The pupils are expected to attend school each day. In the case of absence, the school must be informed before 9.00.a.m. on the day. Parents must strictly observe the term and half term dates.


Parents who have serious concerns about any aspect of their child’s health, education or care should contact the Head immediately. A full complaints procedure is available on request.


The school does not accept responsibility for accidental injury or loss of property unless caused by negligence.

Parents’ Absence and Address changes

When both parents are absent from the pupil’s home for more than 24 hours or there is a change in contact details the school must be informed in writing of any new address and telephone number for the adult charged with the care of the child.


Parents are responsible for the insurance of the pupil’s personal property whilst at the school or on a school sponsored activity away from school premises.


It is the custom and practice of most independent schools to include some photographs/images of pupils in archive material and for teaching purposes. Parents who do not want their child’s photograph to appear in these situations must write to the Head. Parents are welcome to take photographs and videos at school events, but these must not be for public display.

Address for correspondence

The name and postal address for the purposes of formal written communications is:

Simon or Amanda Trevor-Roberts
The Head
Trevor-Roberts’ School
55-57, Eton Avenue
London NW3 3ET

Telephone No: 020 7586 1444.


The school will take reasonable steps to preserve confidentiality where appropriate, but the parents authorise the school, at the discretion of the Head to release such information if it is deemed to be in the pupil’s best interest.

Educational matters

The school is committed to providing a good educational environment and teaching of a range, structure and quality that is suitable for each pupil.

  1. The School reserves the right to organise the curriculum and its delivery in a way that, in our opinion, is most appropriate. We currently hold an Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) exemption.
  2. The school monitors the progress of each child and reports regularly to parents through written reports, meetings and report cards.
  3. Information supplied to parents and others concerning the progress and character of the child will be given conscientiously and with due care and skill, but otherwise without liability on the part of the school.
  4. The school will do all that is reasonable in the case of each pupil to deal appropriately with a learning difficulty. Our staff are not, however qualified to make a medical diagnosis of conditions.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the following conditions apply:

Registration Fee

There is no registration fee.


There is no deposit payable. However, once a place at the school is formally accepted in writing the parents/guardians enter into a contract with the school for the child to attend and are honour bound by this commitment. The first term’s fee becomes payable as detailed below.

School Fees

The school fees are reviewed every summer and a notice of changes is sent to parents of existing students and pupils starting in the new academic year. The basic fee covers all tuition, trips to places of interest during normal school hours, sports costs, loan books, stationery and lunch. External examination fees and weekend trips are not included and are invoiced separately. School uniform can be purchased from www.uniform4Kids.com. Fees are the joint and several responsibility of each parent and/or guardian of the child. Tuition invoices are payable on or before the first day of term and are non-refundable. The school reserves the right to apply surcharges for late payments.


In the event of withdrawal of a pupil or cancellation of a formally accepted place, a full term’s notice must be given in writing or a full term’s fees paid in lieu of such notice.


Individual music lessons, given to pupils privately, for learning to play musical instruments are available. These are invoiced separately by the music teacher and fees are payable to them directly.

Vehicular access

Vehicles are not permitted in the drive unless authorised by the Head.

Removal or expulsion

Parents may, at any time, without a term’s notice be required to remove the pupil from the school if, in the opinion of the Head, such is in the interests of the pupil and/or the school. Any outstanding fees are payable in full.

A pupil may be expelled if, in the opinion of the Head, the conduct of the pupil or the parents is incompatible with the interests of the school.

The decision to expel, suspend or require removal of the pupil from the school is at the sole discretion of the Head.


The school may as it considers reasonable and necessary vary any or all of these Terms and Conditions. The school also reserves the right to make alterations at any time to the way in which it is run.

Trevor-Roberts School Standard Terms and Conditions Updated Sept 2018