Between Monday 4th and Thursday 7th December, Quartus, Tertius, Secundus and Primus performed their festive productions.

Quartus set the bar high with a thrilling retelling of Harry Potter complete with levitating paper, made possible with the magic of theatre. Tertius followed on Tuesday with a super production of Mary Poppins, complete with chimney sweeps and Suffragettes. Secundus shifted the tone on Wednesday with their terribly wonderful Addams family play, before Primus rounded things off in style with their hilarious Cinderella Pantomime.

‘Our performance of The Addams’ family was a lot of fun, it was a unique concept for a Christmas play and was definitely worth the many weeks of preparation. Everyone’s efforts meant that the performance itself was enjoyable as we knew our parts so well that we could relax and enjoy the process. My personal favourite song was ‘When you’re an Addams’ which was especially fun to perform.’ – Dhillon, Secundus