‘Pupils are passionate when talking about mathematics and demonstrate excellent skills and knowledge.’

Independent Schools’ Inspectorate, Educational Quality Inspection, 2016

Throughout the school, children are encouraged to have a very positive attitude to Mathematics and to relish the challenge of the subject.

From the youngest form upwards, supportive and inspiring teachers help each child to build numeracy and reasoning skills through focused lessons, puzzles and practical application.

Simon Trevor-Roberts teaching Mathematics to a Medius class

The youngest pupils categorise three-dimensional objects…

…while older pupils contend with more challenging work

Imaginative strategies

Children are encouraged to question new ideas, as they develop their logical faculties and practise key terminology. They learn to set themselves high standards in their written work and are encouraged to look for efficient and imaginative strategies in their problem-solving.

This places children in good stead for senior school entrance examinations at 11+ and 13+.

Older pupils also achieve well in national competitions run by the Mathematical Association and the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust.

Primus team at the regional finals of the UKMT Team Maths Challenge 2019

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