On Wednesday 7th February, Sextus, Quintus, Quartus, Tertius, Medius and Transitus watched the Onatti theatre company’s production of ‘Le Chateau’.

The play, performed in French and English, featured a brave knight looking to paint the portrait of a French lady for the English king to marry. The play’s balance of languages ensured the story was understandable to all, and was thoroughly enjoyable thanks to its interactive elements featuring audience participation throughout.

‘I thought the play was funny because of the miscommunication between the English man and the French lady, especially when the lady thought the knight was actually the king. We understood some words from our lessons like ‘Ca va?’ and ‘Oui’, and learnt lots more. My favourite part was when the volunteers pretended to be paintings and we got to vote on who the lady should choose!” – Sienna and Imogen, Sextus