Geography at Trevor Roberts is a challenging and vibrant subject where there is scope for students to explore the ever changing world around us.

Geography is taught right through from Octavus to the Common Entrance syllabus in Primus and Secundus. Students are engaged through the practical aspects of the subjects from mapping skills to field work.

Geography in the Junior Department

From a young age students begin their adventures in Geography through learning about the countries and continents of the world, through songs, games and atlas work.

These skills form the foundation on which they can build as they move up through the school.

Geography in the Senior Department

In the Senior Department, students focus on understanding the world through a series of case studies as well as expanding on their knowledge of key topics and mapping skills. They also learn how to produce geographical diagrams which is an important part of the Common Entrance Syllabus.

As they move towards Common Entrance, students take on more responsibility for their own learning through producing an extended field work project from data they have collected.

Field work

Field work plays an important role in Geography. In Secundus, students travel to Yorkshire to complete a four day field study on the rivers and coastline of the area.

From this they independently produce a project analysing this data and clearly demonstrating skills they have developed throughout their time at Trevor Roberts.

Recent success

Each year, a team of four Primus students compete in the Westminster Geography Challenge. This year our students did exceptionally well, taking second place and bringing a trophy back to the school!

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