We introduce MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) with games, songs and puppets in Octavus, moving on to writing and speaking with spontaneity and independence in Primus.

Children at Trevor-Roberts embark on a language journey, where their French is developed year on year.

French trips, activities and clubs

Children throughout the school have the opportunity to experience language enrichment activities which promote confidence and enjoyment.

These include:

  • the Octavus Pen Pal scheme with a French school
  • regular trips to the cinema at the French Institute in South Kensington
  • French Drama Club, which puts on a different play in French every term
  • a French café in the summer term.

The French Drama Club cast including children from Sextus to Tertius performing Boucles d’Or (Goldilocks)

Taking orders en Français at this year’s café

Sextus work on the topic of families

French in the Junior Department

Language skills develop in the Junior department with role-play, simple conversations, games and songs with the emphasis on speaking and listening.

French phonics are introduced and are used as a continued reading, pronunciation and spelling tool for the children as they progress through the school.

Secundus work on the topic of restaurants and food

French in the Senior Department

Students develop the key skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing further in the Senior Department through engaging materials, including regular sessions in the ICT suite.

They lay the foundations required for Common Entrance, getting to grips with grammatical concepts and building up their range of vocabulary.

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