The department’s main aim is to foster a love of Art and a confidence in making. We believe in the significance of creativity and the value it has in education.

Art is taught across the school, with a diverse syllabus promoting appreciation for the subject and equipping the children with an understanding of how to communicate visually. 

The Art studio is extremely well resourced, giving the children the opportunity to experiment and become secure in a wide range of media. Importance is placed on drawing and a grounding in traditional techniques – which can then springboard into other disciplines.

All projects reference artist and designers, both contemporary and from history. The pupils gain confidence when analysing the work of others, and also critiquing their own creations.

Art club and exhibition

There is an Advanced Art club for children who show particular aptitude in the subject. This takes the form of a GCSE-style project, where pupils develop ideas and work independently around a chosen theme.

Once a year we have a large exhibition, which celebrates the artistic achievements of all the pupils.   

Click on any image in the gallery to see larger versions.

Gallery visits

Sextus visiting the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Victoria Miro gallery


An example of an Advanced Art Club sketchbook. A quick flip through Orlando’s sketchbook, with GCSE style projects.

Music is by Mila, Secundus.

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