Our main intake is at five years old and children start at Trevor-Roberts in the September of the calendar year in which they turn five.

Prospective pupils visit the school with their parents the year before provisional entry into Octavus for an informal one-to-one meeting and assessment. For children older in the year, places will be offered by the end of March of the year before entry and for children younger in the year, places will be offered before the end of November of the year before entry.

Contact Wendy Burton, in charge of intake to the junior department

Children can be registered for a possible assessment after parents have had a personal tour of the school and meeting with the Head of the Junior Department, usually when the child is a few months old. These tours are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Following the birth of their child, parents can request a prospectus by contacting the Junior Department. After receipt of our prospectus, which includes our terms and conditions, parents should contact the Junior Department again to put their names on a waiting list for a tour of the school.

In summary, the procedure for provisional entry into Octavus is:

1. Request a prospectus as soon as possible after the child’s birth

2. Register for a tour of the school

3. Confirm interest in an assessment.

For more information refer to our Admissions policy.

Occasional places in forms from Septimus to Primus

Our main intake is at five years old and places further up the school occur only occasionally.

Parents interested in occasional places in forms from Septimus to Primus should contact the Senior Department to request a prospectus. On receipt of the prospectus parents will be able to register for a possible tour of the school. Please note that tours and assessments for occasional places will only be conducted when we have specific vacancies to fill.